Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Camino 2015

Happy New Year folk and fellow pilgrims.

As 2015 arrives we plan to make our final (yes we mean it) pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Starting in Ribadeo we will walk as much of the northern coast as possible as far as Viveiro, then FEVE to Ortegueira and walk to San Andrés de Teixido before going to Ferrol and walking the Camino Inglés. We have done our research on both the path and also the available accomodation etc. For example:- the section between Viveiro and Ortegueira is away from the FEVE and, it seems, over very rough terrain with long distances between accomodation so we feel it best to take the train and have a couple of days in Viveiro itself to see places of interest.

There will not be much to report between now and then so look for more posts, and photos, later in the year (late June/July).

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Every cloud..........

Had things gone according to plan we would have arrived in Santiago today. However looking at the weather that Galicia has had for the past month we may well have had to abandon some of our plans anyway. We will have to give careful though to next year as May seems to have been cold and wet for a few years now.

Current thinking is to not only think carefully about when to walk but also maybe to make greater use of the FEVE along the Camino del Mar than originally planned. Then we will have more time to walk the Camino Inglés. There are some specific places that we want to visit along the coastal route, such as Viveiro, so we are back into planning mode.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pilgrim Passports

As those who have followed our other 'Camino' blogs will know we need a 'Pilgrim Passport' or 'Credencial' in order to stay in the pilgrim hostels or to receive a certificate in Santiago. Our new 'credenciales' have just come with the start given as Oviedo, the nearest city to our ending at Covadonga last year. We had been thinking of walking in 2014 but it will now be 2015 before we start this Camino. Plenty of time for planning and to keep in practise.

We had debated whether to continue as from Covadonga, with the 2013 credenciales. Begining in Oviedo gives a sense of continuation and also a fresh start in a new year. So our first sello (stamp) will be from the Cámara Santa in Oviedo cathedral before we continue on our way to Ribadeo.

Meanwhile we need to keep walking and planning as we wait to walk again.