Sunday, 11 January 2015

Packing list - 1

The first stage of practical preparation after deciding the route has to be the packing list (again) We are both keen to keep the weight we carry as low as possible, but there are some items we need to have with us and as usual a complete change of clothes, including cold weather gear.

Wearing (on a hot day):- Walking trousers, shirt, undies, socks, boots and hat.
So Valerie's list looks like this when the rucksack is fully packed for a hot day:-

Rucksack:- 1.067kgs
Poncho:- 0.340kgs
Waterproof trousers:- 0.155kgs
Walking shirt x1:- 0.170kgs
Blouse:- 0.130kgs
l/s vests 70g x2:- 0.140kgs
Walking trousers:- 0.335kgs
Bra x2:- 0.050kgs
Pants (Briefs) 35g x2; 20g x2:- 0.110kgs
Liner socks x4:- 0.100kgs
Walking socks 70g x1; 45g x2:- 0.160kgs
Longjohns/pyjamas 70gx2:- 0.140kgs
Dress/nightdress:- 0.180kgs
Scarf:- 0.025kgs
Gloves:- 0.015kgs
Vest x2:- 0.070kgs
Fleece windproof jacket:- 0.400kgs
Travel cardigan:- 0.165kgs
Towel:- 0.085kgs
W.bag/shampoo/soap/pegs/line:- 0.300kgs
Glasses case/torch/eye-mask/earplugs:- 0.100kgs
Daysac:- 0.068kgs
Safety vest:- 0.100kgs
E-coil:- 0.180kgs
Water bottles (-water); paper/paints; 'extras';

Total weight - 5.500kgs

Total with water 6.5kgs

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