Sunday, 18 January 2015

Packing list - 2

On a hot day Terry would be wearing:- s/s T-shirt; walking shirt; trunks; walking trousers; full set of socks; boots; hat.
So Terry's packing for 2015 is expected to be as follows:-

Rucksack - inc cover:- 1.670kgs
Poncho:- 0.340kgs
Waterproof trousers:- 0.350kgs
Walking shirt:- 0.240kgs
Tidy Shirt:- 0.125kgs
s/s T-shirt - (x1):- 0.135kgs
Walking trousers:- 0.300kgs
Pants (Trunks) 75g (x2):- 0.150kgs
Liner socks x2 0.050kgs
Socks 45g (x2); 80g (x1):- 0.170kgs
Crocs 300g (x2 pairs):- 0.600kgs
Sporks/charger-adaptor:- 0.100kgs
First Aid/medical:- 0.300kgs
Blue windproof fleece:- 0.400kgs
Longjohns:- 0.075kgs
L/s vest:- 0.075kgs
Towels 120g (x1) 180g (x1):- 0.300kgs
Daysac:- 0.068kgs
Camera:- 0.250kgs
Safety jacket:- 0.100kgs
Phone/charger/soap/torch:- 0.250kgs
Inhaler kit:- 0.220kgs
Boot kit inc Fungusol:- 0.150kgs
2 Water bottles (-water); extras:-

Total weight:- 6.783kgs

Full water bottles would add 2kgs to this total, but would only be needed some times. Most days half to three quarters full would be sufficient between stops.
Some of the apparent extras are carried for Valerie to help keep her pack smaller and lighter.
We want to be able to carry our packs and not have to use one of the bag transport systems. No sleeping bags (they weigh 75ogms each) helps to keep the load light but does mean that, this time, we will use all private accommodation where bedding is provided.

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