Friday, 13 February 2015

Deciding the route

Our original plan was to walk the Camino del Mar (Ruta do Mar) through to Xubia and then join the Camino Inglés there. This year's planning has led us to decide to make our way to Ferrol and to start the Inglés from the harbour-side. We might even go to Covas - 9kms north-west of Ferrol - and start there, walking back into Ferrol itself. This could confuse some readers as we will also go to another Covas - 2kms from Viveiro - much earlier in the walk.

We expect to walk from Ribadeo to Viveiro and Covas, then take the FEVE to Ortegueira to avoid a long section with (for us) difficult terrain and little accomodation. From Ortegueira we will take the FEVE round to Ponte Mera and walk to San Andrés - again the decision is taken becasue of distance and accomodation. This should enable us to then go to Cedeira and take a bus to Ferrol. Timing, distance etc influences this as we need sufficient days to walk the Camino Inglés.

We should have about 18 walking days, plus stop overs in places of interest and time in Santiago itself. Meanwhile, with several months to go before departure, we need to keep walking and build up our distances while carrying our packs.

San Martin de Xubia where the pilgrimage route for San Andrés de Teixido joins the Camino Inglés

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