Saturday, 28 March 2015

Preparation and training

We are now well into the planning and training for later in the year. Our packs have been tweaked a few times to keep the load as light as possible without leaving out any essentials. The lists below are comfortable to pack and carry and we have been walking with that weight lately. Our new boots are being gradually broken in with our new walking socks. Distances walked are still in part dictated by the weather but we can walk hills locally by keeping to the roads. As the tracks dry out we will walk them and wear the new boots more.

Our stages are sorted out and we plan to walk from Ribadeo to Viveiro, then take the FEVE via Espasante to Ponte Mera to walk to San Andrés de Teixido. The guide recommends taking a taxi to Cedeira for accomodation, so we will do that and then bus to Ferrol to walk the full Camino Inglés. That gives us time to see places en route and to walk fairly short days.

We have our new credenciales starting in Ribadeo but will look for sellos as we make our way there; from home, the ferry port, Santander and Oviedo (Cámara Santa).

We do not intend to use the internet while walking so will keep our posts and photos until we return home, as we did previously. Meanwhile we have some time yet in which to continue with preparation and training as well as gathering more information about the route itself and places of interest.

The first Camino Inglés marker post in Ferrol.

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