Saturday, 18 April 2015

Still walking and waiting........

The training has been going well after a slow start to the year. The packing weights are comfortable and the new boots too. We have found accomodation for all our planned stages and the ferry is booked. The waiting time until we leave always seems slow and we could pack and repack to check that nothing essential is left out. We have collected some euros on a 'cash card' as the rate is good at the moment but will get more as we leave. The cash card is good as it has no link to our actual accounts. This time we have the new multi-currency cards so trust that they work as well as the old single currency type. So we wait patiently, keep walking..... and the time will pass........Then we will be following first of all the 'fish' sign for San Andrés and after that the 'shell' for the Camino Inglés.

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