Wednesday, 1 July 2015

May 23rd - Narón to Cabañas

After a reasonably early breakfast we set off at 9.15 taking a few photos as we walked. We have photos from our previous time on the Camino Inglés so maybe will not take so many this year.

The start of the walk was hard underfoot again with paving and tarmac, but there was also some boarded walk. This time we did take a photo of the old house dated 1792 in Neda, which we actually missed before, although we did not see the diversion to the church of St Nicolás - again. We stopped for a drink in the cafe-bar 'Camino Inglés' (formerly the Cafe Hermida) and were pleased to hear that the elderly lady, who was here 2011, still lives upstairs although she retired from the cafe last year. The Camino Ingles cafe is open on Sundays when many others on this section are closed.

In Fene we found a pasteleria at the main road and bought a huge cake each, so much so that we ate half and put the rest in our packs. Walking through the first wooded section we met, and chatted with, a couple who were back-tracking the Inglés having walked to Santiago on the Camino Portugues. The day warmed up and became fairly hot for the first time, so far we have had our fleeces on for at least part of the morning every day. The 'largest sign on the camino' on the water tank had either been moved or overgrown as we could not see it. Last time we had stopped at the motorway services but preferred to keep going as we had food and water with us. The section through the industrial area was hot and we stopped briefly for water and to rest our feet.

We enjoyed the next wooded sections,coming to the stone bridge over the stream before reaching the road again The final few kms downhill into Cabañas was hard as our feet still felt bruised at times after the paving on the coast paths. Remembering the hard climb out of Pontedeume we had booked into a hotel in Cabañas. The thinking being that we would 'warm-up' walking across the bridge into Pontedeume before tackling the hill. We reached the Hotel Iberia, where we were the only guests, and then had lunch in one of the beach side cafés. Total distance from Hotel Kensington to the Hotel Iberia 17kms.

After siesta our feet had recovered so we walked along the path under the trees towards the bridge. The little supermarket was open (Saturday afternoon) so we bought some bread and a tin of sardines for supper before walking back to sit and look at the view from the beach.

View from Neda towards Narón

The house on Paraíso dated 1792

Towards Ferrol and the Ferrol/Fene bridge

Eucalyptus woods

Wooded track and ancient stone bridge


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