Thursday, 2 July 2015

May 26th - a.m. Betanzos

As there were at least 22 other pilgrims at breakfast we joined the second sitting, then went out sightseeing. This was a rest day!! so we left the pedometer behind.

The main plaza has some old houses and a stone arched walk, the church of San Domingo is here and opposite is the tourist office. (Just down the steps are the 'servicios' and further on down the slope is the Correos)

There are a number of other interesting buildings, including the old bankers' house (Hijos de las Nuñez/Banco de España) near the Concello (sello) and the church of Santiago. The churches of Santiago, Santa Maria and San Fransisco were all open, but none have sellos as far as we could see. The wild boar on top of the church of San Fransisco is the emblem of the Andrade family who were the overlords of this area. Returning to the main plaza the church of San Domingo was open and here we found the sello of Santiago on his horse (moved here recently). We made a return visit to Cafe Vega for lunch before siesta and then the O Pasatempo park. The statue of the brothers who created the park is in the plaza near the church of San Domingo


San Domingo

Bankers' House, now a cafe

Church of Santiago

Church of Santiago

Church of Santa Maria

Church of San Fransisco

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