Wednesday, 1 July 2015

May 24th - Cabañas to Miño

We were impressed by the service at the Hotel Iberia as we were the only guests - in a 76 room hotel. Breakfast was served earlier than normal for us (8am) so we were able to set off at 8.45 to cross the bridge and tackle the hill out of Pontedeume. This was the first morning that we had been able to set off without wearing our fleeces.

After the long slog up the hill we enjoyed the tracks today which are so much kinder to the feet. The pedometer had been showing longer distances than the guide between Ferrol and Cabañas but from here it was 'accurate' again. (We noticed this last time too). We had decided not to divert to San Miguel de Breamo so followed the signs along the main route.

In the picnic area, 3kms after Pontedeume, we stopped for a 'little something' before walking on. The track starts shortly after, under the vines, and continues for much of the way on this stage.

Yesterday a giant fir-cone had dropped onto the sand near where we were sitting, today we found several just like it and took a photo to show their size - 9.5 x 15cms (3¾ x 6 inches). Shortly afterwards we saw our first mud, easily passable.

A road section goes through the village of Viadeiro where there is a fenced playground up to the right, by the bus stop, with a fuente. We had plenty of water with us so did not check if this worked. The route then continues to a cement works before going over an ancient bridge and back onto tracks again.

Arriving in Miño (13.15) we found it was market day so the signs in the square were obscured by stalls. Following the directions given by the stallholders we reached the cafes and restaurants by the right fork not the left - useful for us. A good lunch (melon with ham, filetes and salad, then finished the melon) before we walked on past the turning for the albergue to the O Cantiño which we had booked by e-mail before leaving home.

Checking the directions we were led the last few metres by a family friend, who also called ahead to say we had arrived. The pension was opened up for us, again we were the only guests but this is small pension. A very friendly welcome and a good room with lovely hot water and also an electric radiator had we needed it. We opted for just 'bed' as breakfast would not have been until 9.00 in the cafe at this time of year.

After siesta we walked back into town, without going down to the beach, bought some supplies and supper then returned to re-pack our rucksacks ready for next morning. Another day when we have seen no other pilgrims.

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