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May 28th - Casa Julia to Meson do Vento

There were at least 10 other pilgrims at 'O Meson Novo' last night, including the lady we had met in Betanzos. After a 7.30 breakfast we were returned to Casa Julia to walk the section back to Meson Novo via Bruma. The others were heading for Sigueiro.

It was 8.20 when we were left at Casa Julia and there was a cool breeze which made it easier walking. Once again we were carrying snacks and nearly 4 litres of water but this time had some left when we arrived. Good, as there is nowhere to top up along this section. Having taken photos and stopped at the old chapel we started the long climb from the bottom of the hill below Casa Julia at 8.39, past the new church of Santo Tome at Vilacoba and farms then forest, reaching the top at 9.29. A steady climb on road and track but there is a very steep scramble up a bank nearly at the top. It would help if there were about 7 or 8 steps cut into it with log facing to prevent slippage. It was fine in the dry but must be awful if wet.

Above Vizoño we sat on the seats briefly for a drink, then continued along the track before stopping again and sitting on a bank in the shade to eat our bread and sardines and a tin of peaches.

There was a mix of tracks and road again today with a lone cruceiro along the track (usually they have been in villages), another stone crossing at a stream and a donkey which was tethered at the roadside, as well as the views across the countryside.

We sat down by the stream at the albergue in Bruma to re-tie our boots and the the hospitalero arrived so we were able to have a sello too. Two Spanish pilgrims were waiting there who said that they had come from Carral having stopped there overnight. They had a different guide to ours which seemed to take a slightly different route in places. Five other pilgrims came and sat nearby waiting to go into the albergue.

We reached 'La Ruta' in Meson do Vento at 13.20 for lunch then had the afternoon at O Meson Novo - siesta, followed by washing which again was pegged very firmly to the line. Shopping in the little supermarket for water and supplies for next day then supper at Meson Novo. After supper our bags were re-packed ready for a good start in the morning. Once again there were several other pilgrims at Meson Novo and others seen heading for the hotel across the road. The route seemed to be fairly busy and we think that the albergue might have been full as 3 pilgrims came up looking for beds, as well as one, collected by Antonio, who was splitting the stage as we had done.

Hay making, Vilacoba

Top of the hill



Looking towards

Meson do Vento

Replacement arrow

Stream crossing

Tethered donkey

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