Friday, 3 July 2015

May 26th - p.m. Betanzos, O Pasatempo

The O Pasatempo park was further out of town than we realised, over the river then left and past the huge supermarket. The entrance is through a childrens' play area to both the lower level and the covered walkway. We enjoyed a walk round,there are fountains, sculptures and a maze amongst other things. We found the centre of the maze (it does have 'escape' gaps) and then walked along the raised walk to look across to the town and down on the maze. It was a good way to spend a hot afternoon followed by supper in the cafe restaurant at the bridge.

Then it was time to walk back uphill to pack. There was a slight panic as our washing was not back, but it was delivered to our room about 30mins later - relief as we wanted a fairly early start next morning. Breakfast was arranged for 7.30 - and we had everything ready as we planned to leave straight afterwards.

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