Wednesday, 8 July 2015

May 31st - Sigueiro to Santiago

At one point we thought that we might have to split this final stage in two but our feet recover each day so we decided that we would much rather walk right through as planned. Perseverance and determination win the day.

We left Sigueiro at 8.10, after breakfast, with plenty of water and some food. A cool start again and damping slightly as we walked up the first hill so it was ponchos on, then off but we kept the pack covers on. The tracks today were kinder to our feet again although finally we were walking on tarmac.

There is a good bar just past the back entrance to the San Vicente (it might even be shared with them) so we went for drinks. They served really good coffee here , in some places it has been far too strong for either of us. We saw a peregrino from Meson Novo twice during the day, once here in the bar, but then only one other peregrino until we reached Santiago.

Our socks were slipping so we sat by a field side to eat our croissants and changed our socks completely. We did not intend to get blisters at this stage!! not having had any so far. Passing under the motorway there was a swallows nest similar to the one seen in 2011. We passed the only marker to retain its distance plaque and also the new lavadero (public laundry place) built in 2013.

It was 13.30 when we finally reached the cathedral in Santiago and then the Rúa do Vilar, the queue was out to the street so we skipped the Pilgrim's Office and went to our hotel (booked with our ferry crossing). Lunch, siesta then back up to Rúa do Vilar. The queue was not too long so we joined it and were registered and received our Compostelas as May pilgrims. (A record number we learnt later).

A great sense of relief - we made it; achievement too - we had walked 280kms in all from Ribadeo round the coast and then the camino Inglés; and gratitude - for all the kindess we have met on the way, the prayers of folk supporting us and last (but not least) our family for only expecting occasional contact and believing that 'no news is good news'.

The river and church - leaving Sigueiro

Swallows nest

View towards Santiago

The only marker still showing its distance

New lavadero

First view of the cathedral.

Convento do Carme

old town, Santiago

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