Wednesday, 8 July 2015

May 30th - Calle de Poulo to Sigueiro

After breakfast we took the taxi from Ordes back to Calle de Poulo (no-one in sight) and started walking at 8.55. The temperature was good for walking as we set off although it was very warm later. Parts of this stage were hard on our feet again, especially the section with granite chips on the long forest track and the road through the industrial estate.

Before this we noticed a new vending machine selling drinks, useful for those who need it and stopped ourselves in the nearby bus stop to eat our snacks.

Four pilgrims passed us on our way and when we reached Sigueiro there were 3 more. We were booked into the new Hostal Sigueiro and here there were a number of other pilgrims as well as (later) a large number in the old hostal which is managed from the new. After a long siesta we sat on the hostal's terrace overlooking the river before going to look for water and supplies for our final day.

Calle de Poulo


Right: behind the hostal in Sigueiro

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