Monday, 6 July 2015

May 29th - Meson do Vento to Calle de Poulo

Our plan for today was to walk to Calle de Poulo and then go to Ordes for the night. The new signing from O Meson Novo worked well and we followed the road to rejoin the Camino, which was road walking too at first.

A cold drink at the cafe-bar O Porto, the site of the pilgrim sculpture and also a huge dinosaur at the other side of the road. There was a cool breeze, some good track and more level walking with 3 cafe-bars open on this stage. We stopped again for drinks at the bar Novo in Buscas and then at the O Cruceiro in Calle de Poulo (closing day Monday).

The photo of Buscas is typical in many ways of our Camino, we have seen very few people as we actually walk and fewer pilgrims. I had remembered a particular big field but could not remember which stage it was on, today we walked round it - near Calle de Poulo. Our feet still felt bruised easily by the roads so we called a taxi to take us to Ordes rather than road walking for a further 3kms.

San Pedro - Ardemil

Dinosaur - O Porto

Pilgrim - O Porto

A Rúa - Buscas

Shady track

Calle do Poulo bar

'O Cruceiro'

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