Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Aguadoce (Esteiro)

The Hotel Aguadoce is near the beach at Aguadoce (Esteiro) and looks back up the coast towards Faro - on the route round from Xove. After siesta we backtracked the marked way for a short distance but it was once again all paving slabs so we went back and followed the waymarks towards Viveiro for a short distance to check the route ready for next day. Then we sat by the beach and enjoyed the view and the flowers on the sand dunes.

We had been warned when we arrived that there was to be a music festival that night, they had been trying to contact us the previous day, and that this would be directly under our room until about 2.00am maybe. We have to say that although we did hear some music until about midnight we did not hear much afterwards and the group were very quiet coming to their rooms. We did hear them as we all got up next morning and they took their bags out to their coach. A very considerate group of people, we could have joined in their fiesta but felt that we needed our sleep so did not accept the hotel's invitation. Much of the time the men were watching the international football in the bar, we decided, rather than playing music and dancing.

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