Saturday, 27 June 2015

San Andrés de Teixido

One thing that we learnt as we walked is that in Galicia the 'x' is not a hard sound but very soft, almost like an English 'sh'. Many people only speak Gallego or mostly Gallego with some Castillano, but we found no difficulty communicating. Without Spanish (Castillano) however it would be very difficult to follow the route we have walked.

Our walking has been hard at times but rewarded by the scenery, the people we have met and finally reaching our first destination, San Andrés de Teixido itself.

There is no sea access to San Andrés it is too dangerous with the rocks, so it was a safe place to live. Before motor transport the only way out was on foot or, for the better off, by horse over the hills. Our cafe owner said that her own grandmother walked out to the nearest villages when necessary. It is certainly a very isolated village with amazing coastal views.

Near San Andrés

Cliffs looking north and first view of church

From the hilltop looking south

Interior - San Andrés church

Church of San Andrés

The cruceiro and seats at the church

View from the cafe-bar

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