Sunday, 28 June 2015

May 20th and 21st - Ferrol

It was a good ride from Cedeiro round the coast, although in Ferrol the bus stopped near the Correos rather than going up to the bus station - so it was a tramp up-hill. The hotel had been chosen because of being near both the bus and FEVE stations, which was useful when we returned here on our way home in June.

We arrived in Ferrol from Cedeira having already walked 160kms between Ribadeo and San Andrés de Teixido (excluding sightseeing and rest days). Our feet were tired and we had planned another rest day before starting out on the Camino Inglés itself. That said we walked from our hotel down (literally) to the harbour and then picked up the signs starting with the first marker at the harbour-side. On the way down we walked through the shopping area and found a display of traditional dress. We have seen these worn by dancers on Día de las Letras de Galicia in previous years.

After the first marker the beginning of the route through town still has diversions in place, mostly well marked. We walked up past the church of San Fransisco and past the dockyards which are 'decorated' with the over-alls etc representing the 2000 plus workers who have lost their jobs here. (Hopefully new contracts will see many re-instated). The marked way turns right at the 'tuning fork' sculpture, but we turned left back up the Avenida de Esteiro into town again and (uphill) to our hotel.

A total of 9.5kms during the morning - of which just over 3.5kms were on the Camino, followed by a further short 3km+ walk round the town centre after siesta. Rest day!!!

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