Tuesday, 16 June 2015

May 8th - Devesa to San Cosme de Barreiros

After breakfast in the cafe at our hostal we set off on the road back to As Catedrais to pick up the signs - arrows no 'fish' yet. The cliff path is boarded for a time from As Catedrais car park, then a yellow arrow points across the road. The signing needed watching as in some places it was hard to see (obscured by a hank of binder twine hanging up in one place!). However we found our way fairly easily and enjoyed a cafe con leche at the Casa Amadora in Santiago de Reinante (at Km 566 on the N634). Very enthusiastic owner who gave us a double sello. The yellow arrow had pointed right just before this, down the side road and was 'keep straight on' for some distance.

Shortly after leaving here we passed a very nice little house with old farm implements in the garden and hanging by the door. We stopped in a picnic area for a 'bocadillo' (sandwich) which we had brought with us from another cafe bar. A strong wind blowing in our faces made walking, mostly on the road, harder than it might have been so we were glad to reach the turning to San Cosmé de Barreiros (a signpost) and to leave the yellow arrows for a time. These point cross the FEVE and the route continues round the ría.

The Cafe-bar Moderno in San Cosme was again a very friendly and helpful place and we had a good menu del día, which was Sopa Gallego followed by braised tongue and 'tortilla' (omlette). This was all followed by cake after siesta so we did not need much at all for supper. The sello here was a scallop shell designed for the cyclist's club.

A short walk around the town gave us a view across the ría towards Foz and also a view of the fairly modern church of San Cosme. Total of 11kms kms today (excluding 'sightseeing').

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