Friday, 26 June 2015

May 14th - Aguadoce to Viveiro

Walking from Aguadoce on the 14th should have been easy, but again the signs disappeared. The first short walk along the side of the beach was on the minor road, then went uphill to join the main road. at a right turn there was no real sign and a passing delivery man said that it went no-where. The next, nearby road had no sign either so we stayed on the main road which winds its way into Viveiro instead of being a direct route. As we reached the petrol station our receptionist from the hotel called out and offered us a ride which we gratefully received. She took us to the bus station and we then walked up the hill, past the church of Santiago to our hotel (booked by e-mail before we left home). This gave us plenty of time to start exploring Viveiro wehere we planned to spend 4 nights before taking the FEVE to Espasante, and finally Ponte Mera to walk on to San Andrés.

We visited the old fortifications - the tower and city walls remain plus the foundations of the houses. The low gate, under the tower, leads into a street between the walls down to the church and convent of Santa Maria do Campo. Then we found Viveiro's oldest street said to be the oldest and narrowest in Spain. The other gate faces the river towards Covas and is decorated with carving

Looking towards Viveiro

Church of Santiago

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