Sunday, 21 June 2015

May 11th - Foz to Burela

The day started out well following the arrows we had seen previously. However after the triple arrow sign towards Fazouro the signing was poor and after Fazouro there were no more. We assume that the intention is for walkers to follow the coast path which has reasonable signing. However this was all on the 'split' paving so not easy for walking any distance although the views were lovely and there were sea-pinks growing at the path side. This then ended taking us to a confusing set of different coloured signs at a junction but no yellow ones, so we kept right and followed our map.

Part of the route was on the road and alongside the FEVE for a short time and we also found a good bar - within sight - up a side road in Fazouro itself. A passing police car gave us a friendly hoot and a wave as we set off again. Using the map, and staying on the road, we found our way through Nois (keep right at the church) and eventually reached Cangas where we stopped for a drink and as it was nearly lunchtime took a taxi the rest of the way to Burela. It would have been hard finding the hotel on foot but the taxi took us there. We had lunch in a cafe in the centre of Burela before siesta and then a walk around town. We found some good stick rubbers in the 'ferreteria' so bought 4 for 1 euro. Two were put to immediate use as the old ones were wearing out.

Paving and sea pinks

FEVE and road

Church at Nois

Cliff top view

Beach at Burela

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