Monday, 22 June 2015

May 12th - Burela to San Cibrao

We had spent some time walking around Burela the previous afternoon but having failed to find any arrows or signs at all to mark the route we left next morning by the coast path, hoping to find some signs as we went. However we never found any signing at all, just the coast path which again was paved. At one place even this looked doubtful but a helpful local said that it continued and then joined the road for a time. The option of following the path round all the headlands on the stones led us to join the coast road when we came to it. Not the most inspiring walking day and all paving or tarmac on the Estrada Marosa, with a pavement alongside.

There were views of the coast and at one point with the FEVE below us a train went past. There was also a view of a FEVE viaduct as well as some very productive gardens, full of potatoes and various vegetables.

We eventually reached San Cibrao having missed Sargadelos and Cervo, both named on our 'guide' list. We found our way through town, past the harbour and the statues behind the fishmarket, then back towards the centre looking for somewhere to eat. Asking in town we were recommended to the restaurant 'where the locals eat' where we had a very good menu del día. This was in the restaurant of a hotel I had not booked into because it was off the route!!!. The idea of walking along the main road to O Castelo, on the way to Xove, was not attractive so it was a taxi again to a very good road-house hotel. The waymarked route actually passed the corner of the car park, but we have no idea how it came here from Burela.

(Note:- This is the O Castelo on the L642 junction not the O Castelo below the Embalse)

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