Friday, 26 June 2015

May 14th to 18th - Viveiro

We also spent time walking both to Covas, to the Os Castellos beach and the Capilla de Misericordia, and along the river path.

The walk along the river was enjoyable and we did like the locals and walked on the track at the side of the dreaded paving. The boarded section was very good and the scenery was lovely looking across the river with the eucalyptus and orchids in flower.There was also a section of good track leading to a picnic area where we had a snack before walking back into Viveiro. (11kms in all)

It was in Viveiro that I found a shell for my hat, in the enclosed convent. There was a display cabinet in which an example of each item had a number. To buy anything you rang the bell, spoke into the speaker, giving the number, and the nun put the item on an enclosed revolving tray. I put my money on in return. My little shell is very special and the shell I received in Santiago is almost identical, just larger.

In the evening we went to service in the church of Santiago and afterwards were able to ask for a sello.

With so many photos from Viveiro we will be posting a further selection when we have completed the walk to San Andrés and the Camino Inglés to Santiago itself.

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