Friday, 26 June 2015

May 18th - Viveiro to Espasante

Our next stage was by FEVE round the coast to Espasante. The route given showed a walk over the hills and we had decided before leaving home that this was where we would miss a section, so giving us time for the break in Viveiro. With the signing as bad as it had been in some places , distance and apparent lack of accommodation we feel this was the correct decision for us. Our hostess for the night said that the station at Espasante was well out of town and to call when we arrived there. She came herself to collect us and also insisted on taking us back next morning for the early train. So much kindness, as in all the places we have been.

Espasante is quite small with a sandy beach and sand dunes. There are flowers growing on the dunes and along the path. We enjoyed a walk there and turned back into town where there is a mix of the old (slate roofed house now a shed) and new, and we also found a bronze pig. It was a good place to stay for the night and we took the FEVE next day round to Ponte Mera and the last stage of our walk to San Andrés.

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