Monday, 15 June 2015

May 7th - Rinlo to As Catedrais and Devesa

We planned our start to see the arches at the beach of As Catedrais, although sadly some were destroyed in the major storms of recent years. The tide times meant that low tide was at lunchtime (13.00) and we wanted to reach As Catedrais by then. Walking round the headland would have added several kms and as we did not want to walk the fairly busy road we took a taxi to Rinlo to start our walk from there.

The little port of Rinlo is just west of Ribadeo and made a good starting point. The first part was well signed with a yellow arrow and the red marker posts and signing too. It is 8kms to As Catedrais along the cliff tops, past the old shell-fish farm built in 1904. It had a dam, creating tanks, built to protect the lobsters and other shell-fish in a contained area making them easy to harvest. Now derelict it is a historic monument.

A lovely walk and we reached As Catedrais with time for a drink before going down the steps in the cliff side to the beach, going along as far as possible without taking our boots off before climbing back up the steps, then had lunch at the cafe. We backtracked a short way along the road and under the FEVE to go to O Lar de Carmiña at Devesa for the night - a total of 10.8kms for the day.

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