Sunday, 28 June 2015


The distance from San Andrés to Xubia is approximately 39 kms, with a break around Porto de Cabo. The advice given to take a taxi from San Andrés to Cedeira (12kms) and accomodation is good, however as previously noted there is no mobile phone signal in San Andrés. The village has its own system so the cafe owner called a taxi for us when we had finished our lunch. (The mobile works at the top of the hill where the road is signed to Cedeira.)

Cedeira itself was worth visiting with its Casas Indianas and beach. Our hotel was about 4kms out of town, at Cordobelas and, as he was going himself, our host took us down into town to look for an evening meal. He recommended we should walk along the river and cross the bridge to the 'Taverna' where we had a good meal. Next day rather than walk the main road we followed the minor road taken the previous night in the car, so we walked along at the side of the beach to catch the bus to Ferrol.

The riverside at Cedeira

Old walls and passageway

View across the bay
from our hotel

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